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Not long time ago I discussed with Fay how rewarding the amaryllis was as a house plant, and here "White Swan" really rewarded me with 4 stems. I just love it ana visit it every morning, hanging around with my first cup of coffee...
The other side of the plant is that after blooming its leaves flop down and the whole thing is not such beautiful look all the way to the fall. Then the leaves are cut and the pots removed from the site all together. In late December I start bringing them in one after another.

At the end of 2010 Rosalie brought Amaryllises as New Year giftes to Mrs. Furukawa's workshop. By this she actualy started holiday mood for me. They were white, pink and red, and everybody had to choose a box. I certainly chose a white one. It wasn't a big bulb and there were only 3 flowers on a stalk, but they were humongous and absolutely gorgeous.Thank you, Rosalie, so very much!
It's exact name is "Athene". I cannot wait to see how it performs next year. Highly recommended.
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