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We don't live this close to nature, but other people do, and amazing things happen to them. Becky the BearMom is a wonderful person - she is absolutely brave and fun to listen to. Her photografy is excellent, too.

"How did I really know that Goldilocks somehow met her unfortunate demise? Because her 4 cubs bawled their heads off for 3 days in the top of an oak tree outside my living room window. I'm ashamed to say that I closed the windows and took my hearing aids out because the contant squealing and bawling was driving me nuts! Actually I've never heard such a desperate sound from a living thing in my life.After much guilt, I did what any person who appreciates wildlife would do. I called the appropriate wildlife authorities. Here are their responses (organization names withheld)
1. "We can destroy them if they are an annoyance." (me: WHAT THE HELL!!!!????)
2. "We can hand raise them to adulthood but their chances of surving on their own after we release them is minimal." (me: HOW MUCH IS MINIMAL?)
3. "We can contain them in captivity, but only 50% will survive." (me: UM...AH....50% OF 4 CUBS IS 2; THAT MEANS 1/2 OF THE LITTER WILL DIE. CAPTIVITY? FOREVER?)
I finally got a hold of place that does research on black backs in the wild (but not rescue). With their information, I went from bear photographer to "bear mom."Read on.

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