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Sakura. Shoka Shofutai

Silver Lining

Shoka Shofutai arranged by Nohra.

The last ice storm did a number on one of our old cherries - the top was split vertically, and almost a quarter of the tree was gone. That was hard to take, but nothing could be done, - we removed the whole top. Not only our tree suffered - Ursula's big black Japanese pine lost 3/4 of its mass. It happened all over the area. While driving, a lot of broken and hanging limbs could be seen along the roads.

 I forced a lot of my sakura branches, and we use them freely.

Here is an Isshu-ike Shoka Shofutai arranged by Nohra. This Shoka is an advanced one - it has Nagashi Shin. The main branch is flowing. Splendid! According to Ikenobo the only way one can arrange cherry classically is with pine or - in  Isshu-ike style.
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