valeria_sh (valeria_sh) wrote in studio_satsuki,

Magnolia Shoka Shimputai

Reiko left this pink magnolia branch at the last workshop. You know how it happens with this kind of magnolia - it's closed in the mornig and by the evening it is all wide open and twice as less attractive.

A bud, an unticipation of it opening is one of the thrills of Ikenobo Ikebana.

Alice used this branch in a  Shoka Shimputai with an orange orchid. 
Purple and yellow are complimentary colors. Ours are kind of muted: purple - with a lot of gray in it, and yellow with a lot of red... Looks pretty - cheerful, but in a subtle way.

Materials: magnolia, orchid, canna leaf.
Tags: shoka shimputai
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