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Hello from Henry Mitchell. A tiny bit of a mystic thing...

 I love Henry Mitchell. Who doesn't, if you are a gardener. I used to read his columns, starting from just 1990 untill his death, when I felt quite desperate with the crumbling of my country and  bombing of the city I grew in. His writinsg were of great help to me, taking my mind from the anguish I felt, suggesting an escape to a wonderful world of his little backyard full of wonderful plants, ideas and happenings. I have his books of essays, which I open, and pretty often. Considering my work with digitized texts, opening a real book is a luxury. Henry Mitchell is my invisible friend in the garden, whom I talk to, looking either at a beautiful flower or at a well rooted pokeweed I am supposed to weed... Well, if he is watching us, diggers of the dirt and workers of the ephemeral gardens from the Gardens of Heaven, where he is - no doubt about that - a gardener, than he saw me and listened to my talking about him with my Ikebana friends. Last week I was talking about his essays with Lanna, At first she didn't recognize whom I was so excited about, but the next thing she said was quite marvelous - Henry Mitchell's daughter works right next to her in her office. More than that - Lanna has a rose from Henry Mitchel's garden - a pink climber - am I am getting a rooted cutting some day. Isn't it wonderful?

Arrangement made in Boston at Professor Matsunaga's workshop:

Magnolia, flax, ruscus, freesya, fern.
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